Where to eat on your first trip to Rome

A classic Roman supplì enjoyed on the street outside I Supplì in Trastevere.

Traveling to Rome? My brother is coming to visit at the end of the month and as his little sister who ran away from the Big Apple for cooking school in Italy, I need to make sure he eats well. Time is also limited as we’ll be off to Tuscany for a long weekend and we will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner too. One thing is already clear, no one will be going hungry–or on a diet.

This is what I have on my list so far:

  • I Supplì in Trastevere for the supplì. Some of the best supplì in Rome and a great place to pop in for a quick grab and go snack. For those of you not familiar with these little magical, Roman balls of deliciousness, supplì are basically fried risotto balls traditionally stuffed with mozzarella and made with a meat and tomato sauce. Melty cheese is key. The Food Box at the Testaccio Market Place also makes awesome supplì.
  • La Tavernaccia in Trastevere is a place we eat frequently as the food is tasty, the menu changes and the service is always friendly. Usually filled with equal numbers of tourists and locals, La Tavernaccia serves a mix of Umbrian and Roman food, and if you’re lucky the wood oven baked lasagna will be on the menu.
  • I’ve had some of my very favorite meals at Renato e Luisa near Largo di Torre Argentina. My boyfriend knows the chef so we’re admittedly spoiled when we dine here, but I think that this is a very important truth to finding great food in Rome. Always go with a local to their preferred spot if you can. It’s not always about where you eat, but who you know. Of course the food at Renato e Luisa is also delicious so I’d check it out regardless.
  • La Gatta Mangiona in Monteverde Nuovo is my favorite pizza place and probably the restaurant my boyfriend and I eat at the most. Don’t miss the specials board. You can also plan ahead by checking out the specials on their website or with their convenient app.
  • While we’re on the subject of pizza, Trapizzino which serves all types of deliciousness stuffed into the most wonderful little pizza pockets is a must, even if he only manages to swing by for a snack.
  • He’ll also need to try some of Bonci’s pizza as I’ve been raving about if for years. Although I’ll probably take him to the new Mercato Centrale near the Termini train station where Bonci’s pizza is now also being sold as I’ve been meaning to check it out. The market also sells Trapizzino–win win.

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite restaurants in Rome? Which ones shouldn’t be missed?

I’ve of course posted about most of these places in before:

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