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Friday Link Love

Vineyard visit in Piedmont last year. Barbaresco is one of my very favorite wines.

It’s been an intense and surprising week. I’m looking forward to getting some much needed rest over the weekend, while finalizing plans for some busy weeks ahead, including a long weekend at the San Miniato Truffle fair and my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. What will you be up to this weekend?

Some Friday Links:

Happy Friday

Circus Maximus
The Circus Maximus in Rome is still being used for games. Although I have yet to see a chariot.

The forecast for Rome this weekend is rain so we have big plans to sleep in and to make some fresh pasta with the big squash that’s been sitting on our counter. We are going to make agnolotti al plin which is basically a little folded ravioli from Piedmont. Finished, each one looks something like a piece of candy or a little stuffed purse.  What will you be cooking this weekend?